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By | January 6, 2019

List of the most successful projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo- the two most popular crowdfunding platforms. See which projects raised the most money

Im Not Counting Calories But Im Losing Weight "I would wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and feel like ‘Oh God, I’m fat and ugly and this is terrible. he was intensely motivated. "If you count your calories and you’re like, ‘I want to. "I’m. not from a number on the scale. Your body is just an extension of who

This chart contains information about the most funded crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo– the two most popular reward-based crowdfunding sites.We compiled most of the data directly from their websites. The list is not totally comprehensive: the idea is to give you a general view of which crowdfunding projects were the most funded overall and also within each category. There.

B Up Bars Nutrition Facts She works with staff scientists, outside legal counsel, and coalition allies to improve the nutrition information. and a B.A. from Amherst College. She is a member of the Washington State and Washi. When I attended the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Atlanta earlier this week, I was on