Jazz Bass Body Weight Reduction

By | November 11, 2018

Nicely done Jazz and P style bodies- both finished and unfinished necks that fit either body style.

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Feb 14, 2014  · For those who don’t think in terms of the weight of a bass, 11lbs (roughly 5Kg) is a bass that, if you play it sitting down with it resting on your knee, it cuts off the circulation to your leg and your foot goes numb.

Discover the sound of Fender, the spirit of rock-n-roll since 1946. Shop Fender guitars, basses, amplifiers, audio equipment, accessories, apparel and more.

The Jazz Bass® body was introduced in 1960 as a counterpart to the Jazzmaster® guitar and shared many of its features, including an offset waist and dual pickups. Its bright, full voice and flexible tonal options have made it hugely popular with bassists like Geddy Lee and Jaco Pastorius.

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Body fat contains about five times more energy (calories) than lean tissue. That affects the dynamics of weight loss. People with a higher proportion of body fat lose body weight at a different rate than those with a lower percentage of fat.

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Chambered Tele® Body Chambered Strat® Body Chambered Regal Body Chambered J Bass® Body. Warmoth’s chambered bodies reduce weight by a minimum of 25%. They are very resonant, with better sustain than their solid body counterparts.

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Very nice Bass bodies for this kind of scratch- almost unbelievable really! These highly figured paulownia wood gives you a very clear and open sound with excellent body. These are light weight bodies that weight around 3.5 lbs! These are finished in thin, super-hard urethane- NOT hazy polyester.

The weight of this wood varies greatly, but the lighter bodies are the most sought after, anywhere between 3 1/2 to 5 pounds per body. This wood sings, offering an even balance across the entire spectrum of brightness and warmth.

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Jan 11, 2016  · This week we’re taking a look at a bass that sleekly blends the two icons: the Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass. The blacked out bass features a slender basswood body fitted with a P/J pickup configuration.

Aug 21, 2018  · Fellow tb member @DDXdesign sent me his ’97 Lindert Locomotive P bass body with the intent to clone it, but lighter (in weight). I remember seeing pics of this bass back then and thinking., that’s interesting.

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Bass Guitar. This is a special edition Jazz featuring a bound basswood body with a unique carved top, a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and matching painted headstock. Weight is reasonable. Neck is fast. Much to learn, but will be a joy on this bass. Doyle Brown Submitted: 9/21/2015.

Sep 06, 2018  · I guess the faceplate design is called Radiator, but the bass itself is called the Locomotive, so maybe it should have warm light inside *and* black smoke billowing out while I play! =0) JIO and JKos like this.

I’ve tried to unshackle that… to revolutionise the upright bass. While the jazz festival public debate preceding the concerts, on gender and jazz, interrogated the question of who was doing the playin.

Fender Jazz Bass Body Brown Sunburst Finish. Weight: 5 lbs, 3 ozs. Fender Part #: 099-8008-732. Bill’s Music is an Authorized Fender® Dealer! No pickguard mounting holes. Four-bolt neck pocket mount.

Discover the sound of Fender, the spirit of rock-n-roll since 1946. Shop Fender guitars, basses, amplifiers, audio equipment, accessories, apparel and more.

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I minored in jazz bass at school. Practicing is such a double-edged sword — you learn more, but you’re also basically always just learning how much you don’t know. Look, the key — period — is: It ain’.

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Payal adds, “So while we look forward to donning those boots, fuzzy mitts, fluffy scarves, trendy hats and awesome jackets, if styled correctly, you can jazz up any ethnic apparel with the right winte.

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Feb 22, 2009  · I wear the bass slightly high, and it works for me. My 2nd main-stay alder bodied P-Bass has a bloodwood/bloodwood neck, and is less prone to dive. It doesn’t matter sitting/standing as I’m constantly shifting a bass around on my body and where both hands are on the instruments.

Mar 30, 2007  · A normal neck wiill add about another 1.25 lbs or so, so you are looking for a body that will weigh in at less than 3.25 lbs to beat a 6.5 lb thinline. That’s going to be very tough to achieve. You might want to look at a chambered basswood body to get close to that. Btw, thinlines are hollow on both sides.

The Jazz Bass (or J Bass) is the second model of electric bass created by Leo Fender.It is distinct from the Precision Bass in that its tone is brighter and richer in the midrange and treble with less emphasis on the fundamental frequency. [citation needed] It has a more focused tone than the Precision Bass, with less low end and low midrange.[citation needed] The sound of the Jazz Bass has.

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